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About the Department

The Department of Geology was established in 1985 when postgraduate teaching was initiated at the Maharaja's College Campus. The Department shifted to its own building in the University Campus in 1989. At present, the Department runs M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programmes with the following objective.

  • Health Economics
  • Creating and effectively disseminating comprehensive knowledge about the Earth, its resources and the internal and external processes that bring about changes in the Earth's surface as development of landforms.
  • Educatingand preparing students to take up responsibility as professional geologists in exploration, mining sector and other relevant organizations as well as research scientists and academicians inresearchandacademic institutions.
  • Integrating scientific knowledge from geosciences andallied fields for application in solving issues of societal relevance, such as natural resource management, natural hazard evaluation and mitigation, environmental management, etc
  • Providing basic infra structural facilities to carry out research in specified fields of geosciences
  • To achieve the above goals, the Department offers a very congenial academic atmosphere based on regular student-teacher interaction. Field trips are conducted as a part of the M.Sc. curricula that allow the students to learn the practical aspects and develop a better understanding of the subject in the field. It also helps in making students confident and self motivated to work as a team. The Department regularly organizes training programmes and special lectures to benefit both the students and the faculty.

    Infrastructural Facilities

    The Department has facilities for teaching and research and boasts of the following technical facilities:

    Geochemical Lab:

    Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (GBS); UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Analytical Balance, Jaw Crusher, TC Ball Mills.

    Gemmology Lab:

    Refractometer, Spectroscopes, Dichroscopes, Ruby, Chelsea and Jadeite filters and loupes.

    Petrological Lab:

    : Petrological Microscopes, Automatic thin section preparation unit, rock-cutting machines.

    Palaeontology Lab:

    :Binocular microscopes, High resolution Zoom Stereomicroscopes with photographic attachment and Tracing Tube. In addition, it has a large collection of fossils collected from Rajasthan and Kachchh.

    Computer and GIS Lab:

    :Ten computers, GIS and image processing software, Satellite data and topo sheets.


    : The departmental museum has an impressive collection of rocks, minerals and fossils including representative lithounits of major stratigraphic units and a range of metallic and nonmetallic ore minerals.

    Other Facilities: Departmental Library:

    :LCD projector, Field Camera, Survey equipment, Mirror Stereoscopes, etc.

    Ph.D. Programme :

    Thrust Areas

    • Hard Rock Geology (Geochemistry, Petrology, Constraining Ancient Geodynamic Settings, Rock Magnetism)
    • Paleontology and Soft Rock Geology (Paleoecology, Sequence Stratigraphy )
    • Environmental Geology
    • Hydrogeology
    • Economic Geology